District Attorney

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote justice and to protect the people of Churchill County by aggressively and fairly prosecuting those who violate the law. The Churchill County District Attorney’s Office is committed to a standard of excellence in providing our citizens with the most effective and efficient prosecution of criminal offenders in order to provide safe streets and neighborhoods in our community. We strive to enforce the law fairly, impartially, and justly while treating all victims of crime with compassion, respect, and dignity.

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Office Functions

The Churchill County District Attorney’s office is mandated by law to:

  • Prosecute all felonies, gross misdemeanors, and misdemeanors in Churchill County
  • Advise and represent all of the county’s elected officials and departments
  • Provide legal advice to county law enforcement agencies
  • Provide victim and witness assistance services

In our criminal division, we represent the interests of citizens by ensuring that offenders within the county are timely charged with crimes that accurately reflect the offending conduct.

Our civil division serves the role as an in-house law firm for the county. We are the legal advisor to county commissioners and other elected officials and work closely with those officials in solving a wide range of legal problems by providing general day-to-day legal advice. This may include both informal advice and formal legal opinions; preparation, review and/or approval of resolutions, ordinances, covenants, and agreements; and representing the county in administrative hearings, judicial proceedings, and other actions.

Our legal representation also includes advising and assisting the Churchill County Juvenile Probation Office by representing that office in juvenile matters with District Court.