Protection Orders

" Order of Protection" with glasses and pen

Protection Orders

Be advised that this is a legal process and cannot be stopped without a court order. PLEASE WRITE IN BLUE OR BLACK INK.

***If you currently have an active divorce, custody/visitation, or legal separation case in District Court with the adverse party, you will need to file your application in the District Court. ***

This is a NO CONTACT order meaning the adverse party is to have no contact with you whatsoever. Additionally, you should not initiate any contact with the adverse party. Having a protection order issued could have an effect on child custody and visitation if there is not a current order setting custody and visitation from a higher court. After submitting your application to the court, the Judge can make one of three decision; 

1. Issue- there will now be a Temporary Protection Order issued. If you requested an extension hearing, there will be an Order for Hearing attached. These documents will be sent for service by the court, unless the adverse party lives out of county/state and the applicant did not provide an address for the adverse party at which point it will be the applicant’s responsibility to take the paperwork to the county sheriff they think the adverse party lives in. 

2. Deny- there will be an Order Denying issued. This order does not get sent anywhere and stays in the court’s file. If you would like a copy of this Order, please contact the court.

3. Set for hearing- this means the Judge could not make a definitive decision based on your statement in your application and he needs more information from both parties to make such a decision. An Order for Hearing will now be issued and sent out for service (please refer to No. 1 if the adverse party lives out of county/state and you do not have an address).

The Judge has twenty-four (24) judicial hours to make his decision after your application is submitted. It is your responsibility to contact the court to confirm the Judge’s decision and get a copy of your order. 

If you are not sure which application to complete, contact the Fallon Justice Court for more information at (775) 423-2845.

Applications may also be obtained through Domestic Violence Intervention by calling (775) 427-1500 or coming into the court.

If it is after hours and you are in need of an emergency Protection Order, applications can be obtain through the Sheriff’s office at 180 W A Street Fallon, NV 89406.

If you are in need of a High Risk Protection Order, please contact law enforcement. Applications can be obtain through the Sheriff’s office at 180 W A Street Fallon, NV 89406.



DOMESTIC VIOLENCE (PDF) : This application applies to  romantic and family relations, excluding adult cousins and siblings, and there must be an act of or threat of domestic violence. NRS 228.030 defines domestic violence as "meaning ascribed to it in NRS 33.018 and may include, without limitation, physical, sexual or psychological violence". NRS 33.018 states "Domestic violence occurs when a person commits one of the following acts against or upon the person’s spouse or former spouse, any other person to whom the person is related by blood or marriage, any other person with whom the person has had or is having a dating relationship, any other person with whom the person has a child in common, the minor child of any of those persons, the person’s minor child or any other person who has been appointed the custodian or legal guardian for the person’s minor child". (please visit NRS 33.018 for a list of the acts considered domestic violence.)

  • All Other Restraining Orders (PDF) : This application applies to all other relationships, including adult cousins and siblings. This application can be used for Stalking/Harassment, Sexual Assault, and Protection of a Child. Definitions of these terms can be found on the second page of the application. 

If you are either party and would like to modify the protection order, dissolve the protection order, or request a hearing, please fill out one of the following motions that corresponds with your type of protection order and submit them back to the court: